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Exploring Applications of Symbolic Execution to Testing, Debugging and Patch Validation

As a first step, we are¬†investigating an approach to runtime information flow analysis for managed languages that tracks metadata about data values through the execution of a program.¬† We first considered metadata that propagates labels representing the originating source of each data value, e.g., sensitive data from the address book or GPS of a mobile […]


Reducing Testing Overhead

Unit test virtualization: significantly reducing the time to setup unit tests


Graphical Analysis of Program Behaviors to Discover Opportunities for New APIs

A joint project encompassing computer architecture, machine learning and software engineering


Finding Bugs in Machine Learning, Data Mining and Big Data Applications

Automating metamorphic testing techniques at runtime


Post-Deployment Checking for Bugs, Security Vulnerabilities and Privacy Breaches

Executing tests in the deployment environment, using the state of the running application


About CloudView

CloudView is a project that enables detection and diagnosis of network faults using a peer to peer architecture. Consider the following scenario. A user is trying to log into an IM server, but she is not able to. There could be a variety of reasons for the failure. Some plausible causes for this failure are the IM server is temporarily unavailable, the ISP is down, or the user’s password is not correct.

CloudView can be used to diagnose this problem, proceeding as follows: CloudView tries to contact other peers who are part of its network, which will then run probes to try to isolate the problem. Examples of probes could be trying to log in from another node, using a different username and password, and trying to ping the server. The results of these probes will be returned to the original node, and using the rule book it would try to find the cause of the problem. This entire process is automated and the group of peers runs a set of analysis tests and depending on the results on these tests, we can diagnose the problem.

Our system is based on the DYSWIS system. While DYSWIS is focused on the detection and diagnosis of network and transport level faults, CloudView is aimed towards the detection and diagnosis of faults at the application level.

In previous semesters, we have focused on the XMPP/Jabber Chat Protocol and developed a proof-of-concept implementation. We have also extended our system to the Samba (SMB) protocol.

We are looking to add more functionality to the current implementation and also extend this into other domains, which include BitTorrent, Cloud Computing, Email, Web Browsing, and Games.

Team Members

Prof. Gail Kaiser, kaiser [at]

Graduate Students
Swapneel Sheth, swapneel [at]

Former members
Rajat Dixit
Palak Baid
Somenath Das
Siming Sun
Jau-Yuan Chen