The Programming Systems Lab


Gail Kaiser, Director

PSL conducts research at the boundary of software engineering and software systems, focusing on software reliability, privacy and security, and social software engineering.

We are always seeking new project students to join us. Students who would like to become involved should review the project literature and descriptions, as well as the specific advertisements.



Students Meeting in PSL

PSL at work


Active Projects »

Reducing Testing Overhead

Unit test virtualization: significantly reducing the time to setup unit tests


Managing Sensitive Data on Mobile Devices

Supporting privacy requirements on mobile devices


Overcoming the Intuition Wall: Automatic Graphical Analysis of Programs to Discover and Program New Computer Architectures

A joint project encompassing computer architecture, machine learning and software engineering


Software Testing for Non-Testable Programs

Automating metamorphic testing techniques at runtime


In Vivo Testing

Executing tests in the deployment environment, using the state of the running application



Enabling collaboration support for users of the geWorkbench computational biology tool